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Because Life Is Unpredictable. Insurance When You Need It Most.
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BAF Insurance Company (Cayman) Limited is a subsidiary of BAF (Holdings) Cayman and a member of the BAF Global Group Ltd. Our company is committed to providing affordable, quality Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Pensions Plans designed to meet the needs of a wide cross section of the residents of the Cayman Islands.

As a member of the BAF Global Group, BAF Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. is backed by the strength and experience of a corporation with a reputation for being client-responsive, community-minded and a provider of first-rate financial products and services, using state-of-the-art technology to enhance service.

In addition to its present insurance and pensions products, BAF Cayman introduces many more exciting financial products and services in keeping with the BAF Group's commitment to providing "Financial Solutions for Life".

Life Solutions:

Compare and Shop

Do you know which life insurance is right for you? Although we can’t tell you everything you need to know without a personal visit, here’s a quick glance at the many choices you have with BAF.

Whole Life

Protect your life – your whole life. Get peace of mind from knowing that you and your loved ones are protected for life and that your savings are building every day.

Universal Life

Enjoy the flexibility of change. This plan is perfect for life’s changing circumstances like new babies, a larger mortgage or education costs. You can choose the amount of protection that best suits you and change it as your needs change.

Term Life

Affordable Life Insurance for a period of time. You can get the protection you need for a specific period of time at very affordable rates. Use it as temporary life insurance or for providing extra coverage while your children as still young.

Parent’s Promise

Protection and Cash - Coverage and Savings. Make your child a promise you can keep with a Parents' Promise Plan. When bought before your child turns 13, this unique product offers life insurance with a savings component that builds a nest egg for your child's future.

Health Solutions:

Although you can’t buy good health, you can protect yourself and your loved ones against the high-cost of getting sick. And, even though you probably take good care of your health, at some point in life you or someone in your family may need to be hospitalised. This could be for a routine or minor matter, or a longer stay for a more serious illness.

Mandatory health insurance ensures that you and your loved ones will receive professional healthcare, every time you need it. BAF MedSafe Value Plan and BAF MedSafe Value Plus Plans ensures that you get the best value for money with your choice of plans.

BAF MedSafe Value Plan

BAF MedSafe Value Plan offers standard health insurance benefits at the best available rates.

BAF Network Health Plans

BAF Network Health Plans provide comprehensive coverage for all our members, with local, regional and USA coverage available.

Investment Solutions:

BAF SaveSmart

Retirement should be exciting…you can LIVE YOUR DREAMS

Are your ready for your future? People are living longer these days, and you may spend almost as much time in retirement as you’ll spend working.

Guaranteed Pensions

Personal & Corporate Plans for a secure financial future! If you have employees then you know that employee satisfaction and successful business results go hand in hand. We believe that helping your employees secure their financial future will keep your employees – yours!
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