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Life Facsimile 345-945-8762
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BritCay offers full service business and personal insurance and financial planning products to employers and private clients. Delivers market leading Health Insurance and Pension plans featuring flexibility and personal choice in determining the best value product and service for your money. Life Assurance and medium to long term investment plans are offered via the Life Choices brand.
It is a truly Caymanian company, staffed primarily by Caymanian employees and delivering products to match any available in the USA or Europe. You’ll find comfortable and easy to do business with
Home: Buildings, Contents, Personal Possessions (Including “all risks” Protection), Annual Travel Insurance, Free worldwide Car Rental Cover, Marine & Small Craft Cover
Auto: CI$10 Million Liability Protection, New Car Replacement if you claim, Monthly Payments, Free Rental Car Overseas, Discounts for Safe Driver
Grades: Free Windscreen Cover, Free Hurricane/Flood Cover, No Fuss Claims, Preserve most of your NCD when you make a claim
Life: Family Protection Plan, Regular premium or Single Payment Options, From little as $100 per month. Invested in Global Portfolio’s exceeding $18 Billion, Regular Lump Sum Investments, Plan 10-30 Year Terms, “Freedom” Flexible Life Plan
Health: Most Advanced Health Plan in Region, Full Inpatient & Outpatient Care, Preventative Therapy, Maternity & Doctors Services, Real Time Claims, Fastest Settlements, Bespoke Service - Choose the Cover you need
Your pension plan: Low administration costs & no hidden costs, No minimum fees & no exit charges, Complete portability, Web access to pension plan information, Multiple investment options per employee, Employers can select from a menu of services to create a plan to suit their needs
Motor, Property, Commercial Insurance, Group Pensions, Group Health, Group Life, AD&D
Tel: 345-941-9827
Fax: 345-949-8411
British Caymanian Insurance Agencies Limited (Cayman Brac)
Tel: 345-948-1760
Fax: 345-948-1761
Colonial Life/Medical/Pensions products
Medical: Tel: 345-914-9819
Fax: 345-945-0658
Life: Tel: 345-914-9826
Fax: 345-945-8762
Pensions: Tel: 345-949-8699
Fax: 345-945-0538
Your partner for personal insurance: All of your personal insurance needs, as part of your lifestyle protection plan, are supported by an unrivalled customer value in claims service and benefits. From Motor Vehicle cover which preserves most of your NCD when you make a claim, to generous deductibles and reinsurance protection for property insurance, you can be sure of complete value for money protection from one of the region’s major composite insurance companies