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Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

CL Flowers has been supplying the building needs of the Cayman Islands construction industry for over 60 years. Flowers Block specialises in manufacturing and delivery of quality concrete products including, building blocks, paver's, grass blocks, keystone blocks and specialty items like Sea Walls.

Flowers are the pioneers of concrete block wall systems in the Cayman Islands. In 1999, The Flowers Group was proud to introduce the next generation of our building division, Cayman Foam Products Ltd. Cayman Foam continues in the Flowers tradition of supplying locally manufactured state of the art building products, specialising in the supply of foam products such as:


ICF have been used for many years around North America and are approved for the most stringent building codes and adverse weather conditions. Leading edge manufacturing techniques now make ICF locally affordable to mass market builders and homeowners.

The concept for the ICF construct is simple. Foam Block is connected together through webs. Once the blocks are stacked and the reinforcement steel put in place, concrete is poured through the middle of each foam block. This gives the effect of a reinforced concrete wall, cased in 5” thick Styrofoam. Essentially ICF has replaced traditional wall insulation. An ICF building is not only energy efficient but also hurricane resistant.


If walls are already constructed and ICF is not an option, flat Foam sheets can be adhered to pre-existing concrete block walls to create increased R-value which can reduce electric cooling costs and improve sound acoustics.


Cayman Foam can produce everything from small, simple shapes and designs to large complex designs. The applications for custom EPS foam are almost limitless. Whether used for building trim and architectural shapes in conjunction with EIFS (Exterior Insulating and Finishing Systems), c oncrete casting moulds (re-usable or disposable) or entryways and gates, we will meet your requirements on-time and exactly to spec. Flowers Foam has over 400 standard shapes at Cayman Foam Products. All shapes are available in various sizes and can be altered to suit your needs. Below is a small sample of architectural shapes we can produce for you.


Our company can be your single source for creating lightweight 3D foam letters. For many years we have been taking customers ideas and turning them into production. We believe in producing top-grade products that will provide our customers with the high quality 3D products they need at affordable prices.

Keep us in mind when you are planning the next 3D application for your retail store, trade show or any other event. Want to do it yourself? All products are easily installed with our included instructions and you save money!

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