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Home Gas Ltd provides Propane Gas, Propane Gas Appliances, Tank less Water Heaters, Clothes Dryers, Outdoor Grills, Lighting, Cook tops, Ranges, Air-Conditioning Units, Refrigerators, Weed Trimmers, Gas Installations and Service Safe And Low Carbon Eco Friendly Energy Appliances and Gas Appliances Home Gas has been serving the Cayman Islands since 1957 when our founder Capt Theo Bodden determined that propane energy and appliances would help everyone here. Capt Theo started the company with only 4 cylinders of propane and 2 gas stoves. Since then Home Gas has grown to a capacity of 580,000 gallons of propane to ensure there will be ample supply for homes and businesses across Cayman. Home Gas is here to serve you. Our fully trained staff will safely install appliances and show you how to significantly reduce your energy costs. Our number one priority is the safety of all our customers and these islands. We hope our website meets your every need. If not, let us know. We’d like to hear from you.

Reduced energy costs
Propane will help you reduce your energy costs. Contrary to popular belief ‘going green’ needn’t cost you more. In fact using propane-fuelled appliances to cook, heat water and dry laundry can save homeowners on average 40 per cent on their electric bills each month. Make it your resolution this year to be more eco-friendly and cut costs – it’s easy with propane. Propane is the most economical source of energy available in Cayman. Home owners involved in building or updating their homes can take advantage of the wide range of propane appliances available at Home Gas from propane refrigerators, dryers and stoves to indoor hurricane lights, fire pits, lawn equipment, water heaters and even conversion kits for gasoline vehicles.

Benefits of Propane
Clean efficient propane has long been recognized as a safe low-carbon, environmentally friendly energy. By offering the right eco-technology to homes and businesses today, Home Gas is doing its part to ensure a sustainable environment and preserve the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands. Using propane is the smart way to “GO GREEN” and also benefit from the extra value, reliability and versatility of gas appliances. Propane is a less expensive way to power appliances, and is non-toxic, non-caustic and will not create an environmental hazard if released into the ground or seawater. It is not harmful to drinking water, plant or marine life and the vapour is non-polluting and harmless if inhaled by birds, animals or people. It is the perfect energy solution for cooking, heating water, drying clothes, outdoor lighting, patio fire pits, pool heaters, generators, motor fuel and more. Reduce your power bill and lower your carbon footprint by switching to clean burning propane today. Call Home Gas today and find out how.

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